Easter in Corfu

corfu easter

If you ask most people what is the first image that comes to mind listening to the word “Easter” they will tell you about spit with lamb in the village. Corfu Easter, therefore, has nothing to do with it. Not that we don’t have spits with lambs but Easter Island of Feakes leaves another taste in the mouth lamb will remember vaguely.

Santos Luxury Apartments in Corfu will be offering their signature luxury hospitality during Easter week, which starts on Sunday 9th April for 2017.

Preparations begin on Palm Sunday at 11 am, with the great procession of the Holy Relic of Saint Spyridon, patron saint of the island, in gratitude since 1629 protected and saved Corfu from the plague epidemic. That day the whole island celebrates, all 18 bands, students, and scouts procession. This custom lasts from 1630.

Entering the week of the Passion, the lights in the Liston Square, the Cross of the Old Fortress and the coast are now purple color to symbolize mourning and sadness of Holy Week.

The Mantzaros Philharmonic performs in concert Roman Catholic Cathedral Dom climate of days.

Good Tuesday has established itself in recent years by the Organization of Corfu Events 21:00 pm in the Peristyle of the Palace, Music Poetic evening “from Golgotha to the Resurrection”.

Good Wednesday, the Municipal Theater, the municipal choir performs music concert church.

Good Thursday, the Roman Catholic Cathedral Dom, read the 12 Gospels and make a small ritual with 12 candles, one candle switching off at the end of the Gospel.

Good Friday, Corfu experiencing the most mournful day of the year. The procession of the Epitaph starts from 2 pm and carried across to Corfu to the accompaniment of bands, students, and scouts. With the help of choirs throughout Corfu becomes an open-air church.

On Saturday, at 9 am followed by the procession of the Epitaph accompanied the Sacred Relic of Saint Spyridon another custom that lasts from 1553 when the Saint saved Corfu from famine.

At 11 am is the throwing of boots from the windows and balconies of homes all over Corfu, culminating in the Old City. Breaking boots symbolizing the new growing season and it destroyed the old cartridges. The custom although pagan adopted by the Corfu and gave Christian content since essentially represented the resurrection word of the Lord “so crush them as a potter’s ware”.

At 10 pm the Resurrection Light arrives in Corfu and transported in Agia Paraskevi where the Resurrection with the direction of Palko Over Square begins.

There he celebrated the resurrection and chants ” Christos Anesti “, the three bands of the city at the same time is playing the march “come the Greeks,” the anthem of the compound of the Ionian Islands with Greece, while countless fireworks from Old Fort illuminate the Corfu sky making a spectacular atmosphere.

On Easter Sunday, from 9 am, in most temples, Corfu celebrated the resurrection Divine Liturgy. Alongside procession, according to Corfu ecclesiastical tradition, the image of the resurrection of the Lord.

Santos Luxury Apartments Wish you all Happy Easter and may these Holy days bless your hearts and families.