Corfu Town

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Corfu Town is the capital of Corfu (Know as Kerkyra) one of the most Stunning and elegant towns in Greece. It is the main port of the island and one of the largest and most populated towns of the Ionian Islands. Built on a promontory, the town displays a unique architecture which is strongly influenced from the different dominations, such as the Sicilian, the Venetian, the French and the English ones. From those times, Corfu Town has kept many of its imposing buildings, elegant mansions, superb palaces, French-style flowered squares and beautiful fortresses.

All that amalgam of architectural style gives to Corfu Town a unique charm, character, and atmosphere that reminds of the glamorous Italian town of Naples. Having been greatly expanded during the Venetian times, Corfu is separated into a northern and a southern section. All its narrow streets , museums and culture are waiting for you to explore them.

Stunning Beaches

Where family fun begins.

Corfu Island is full of Sandy beaches with crystal clear waters which combine ideally almost every colour of nature’s palette. Blue water and yellow sand, combined with brown tree trunks and green leaves of the forest right above most of the beaches. Most of them are fully organised offering sunbeds & umbrellas, but there are still some more remote beaches for those who prefer more calm situations.

There are a Lot of choices for any taste including sandy golden beaches surrounded by beach bars and lifestyle events such as Chalikounas, Glyfada or Kontogialos, crystal clear waters with beautiful sceneries that combine mountain and sea views, such as Paleokastritsa or Sidari and remote beaches for those who prefer something calm and peaceful such as Issos, Marathias or Barbati, They are waiting for you explore them and enjoy the golden sun and the crystal blue waters of Corfu.

Corfu Specialities

Discover our Local Food Specialities.

Corfu's cuisine is inextricably tied in with its history and this is what makes the food here so different from the rest of Greece. It is fascinating to look through a menu and try to deduce who brought what. The four best known Corfiot dishes show their Venetian influence. These are Sofrito (sliced veal cooked with vinegar, garlic and parsley), Bourdeto (a peppery fish stew), Bianco (a white, garlicky fish stew) and Pastitsada (a pasta and meat dish).

Drinks are not all ouzo and retsina although these are popular with locals and tourists alike. Ouzo is a clear spirit made from vine stalks and flavoured with aniseed. Diluted with water it goes a milky colour. Sip with a plate of olives. Retsina is white wine flavoured with pine resin. Serve very chilled and if you find the resin flavour a little strong a drop of soda water turns it into a very refreshing spritzer. Greek wine has improved immeasurably in recent years and very palatable wines are now readily available. Our Cuisine is one of the reasons that hundreds return every year.